Monday, June 23, 2014

Geothermal System Installations By AP Plumbing

AP Plumbing is happy to offer geothermal system installations. Geothermal energy has been used to heat and cool homes for many years, taping the Earth's surface for energy to drive the system. The environmental benefits of such a product are immense, allowing AP Plumbing to assist in the preservation of our planet.

Recently, we completed a job in Scottsville, NY for a high school science teacher. He plans to use his home geothermal energy system as a good example of energy conservation for his students.

The new 5 ton water furnace will save him up to 70% on heating and cooling for the year. This is a hydronic air handler for cooling and radiant in floor heating. This system is very desirable as it produces lower output temperatures.

AP Plumbing used an in-ground horizontal loop that is 6 feet in depth and specifically designed for the home energy loads. This is used to exchange energy from the ground to the water furnace geothermal unit.

AP Plumbing geothermal services has a proprietary design for all ground loops that perform at the highest level compared to other loops. Not to mention heating and cooling the home with a water system is much more efficient and makes the house much more comfortable. In addition, we provide free hot water for the homeowner.

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