Monday, December 8, 2014

Why Does Your Shower Have Low Water Pressure?

Do you have low water pressure?  Low water pressure is common when two plumbing fixtures are running at the same time.  You might notice the water pressure is the shower is low when you're running the washing machine.  However, if your water pressure is always significantly low, there could be another reason behind your plumbing problem.  Here are a few of the most common causes.

Low Water Pressure Causes:

  • Home Valve - Valves can be turned off on accident.  Even if slightly turned from the on position, your valve could restrict water flow through your home and to your shower.
  • Leaks - Even small leaks can lower your home's water pressure.  If you notice that your water usage has increased, you should contact a professional plumbing technician to check for leaks.
  • Peak Hours - Low water pressure could be the result of using your water at the same time as everyone else.  If your neighbors are watering the lawn at the same time every morning or evening, this could reduce your water pressure too!
  • Mineral Deposits - Mineral deposits can keep water from flowing freely through your pipes.  This is especially common in older houses or in homes with galvanized iron pipes.
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