Tuesday, May 19, 2015

A Guide to Plumbing Noises

Are your plumbing pipes noisy?  This is a common problem, especially in older homes!  Here are a few of the most common reasons why you are experiencing loud plumbing noises at home.

Noisy Pipes:

Water Hammer - Water hammer happens when you close a faucet quickly and hear a loud bang, followed by banging noises that fade over time.  This noise is caused by the weight of water rushing through the pipes.  When the valve closes too suddenly, it causes the fast moving water to crash against the valve, causing a banging noise.

Air Hammer - If you hear a banging noise when you turn on your faucet, this noise is likely due to air trapped in your plumbing.

Rattling Pipes - Both air hammers and water hammers can cause your pipes to vibrate and rattle, due to the force.  This is especially true in older homes!  

Foghorn Noise - Does your toilet make a foghorn sound when you flush it?  This may be due to a loose washer in the ballcock assembly.  While you can replace the washer, replacing the valve is a longer-term fix.

Read more about common plumbing problems here.  If you are experiencing any of these plumbing problems, contact our office!  Our plumbing technicians can help you determine the reason behind your plumbing problems, as well as correct any issues you are experiencing.

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