Friday, December 11, 2015

Holiday Gifts for the Bath

Looking for the perfect holiday gift?  Give a gift the whole family will appreciate!  Here are a few bathroom gift ideas that will help add comfort, convenience and even luxury to your home bathroom!

Holiday Gifts Ideas:

  • Scented Pantry Soaps - Freshly scented soaps can be the perfect bath and spa gift for anyone in your family.  They are the gift of comfort and relaxation!  Opt for aromatherapy blends for an added sense of spa-like luxury.  If you prefer the DIY route, try this method and make your own!
  • Bath Tub Teas - Fill a few seal-able tea bags with calming scents.  You can then add these next time you're looking to take a relaxing evening bath.  Use scents like lavender buds, peppermint leaves and chamomile buds for the perfect spa gift.
  • Body Scrubs - Body scrubs are a great way to make your skin feel fresh again.  They moisturize and exfoliate at the same time!  Purchase a few as a gift or make your own body scrub here.
  • Monogrammed Slippers - Adults and children alike will love having their own pair of comfy, personalized slippers to put on after a nice warm shower.
  • Nightlight Toilet Seats - The new nightlight toilet seats from Kohler add convenience and safety to your bathroom - even on the darkest nights!  This unique toilet has LED bulbs that illuminate your toilet in a soft glow.  It's perfect for kids bathrooms, or for seniors looking to age in place.  Since the light is low in intensity, it illuminates for guidance without disturbing your nighttime vision.  Read more about the nightlight toilet seat here.
  • Glass Shower Doors - Give your bathroom an updated makeover this holiday season by upgrading to new glass shower doors.  With all of the designs that exist, you can add beauty to your shower, while still having privacy.

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