Thursday, August 28, 2014

AP Plumbing Advice

Our technicians are happy to share their knowledge and tips to improve your home! Share with us the Worst Space In Your Place! The dirtier the better! Simply post a photo of the space to the AP Plumbing Facebook page wall. We'll then provide you with the FREE information you need to correct the problem area! What are you waiting for? Show us those ugly photos!

AP Plumbing has provided comprehensive plumbing services to the Rochester area for over 25 years. Our expert staff ensure your satisfaction in offering around-the-clock service, up-front pricing, no overtime charges, and innovative technology to best address your residential or commercial needs.

AP Plumbing is proud to provide bathroom and kitchen remodeling services! We provide our customers with a free in-home assessment prior to starting the project. Our specialists employ the best design practices tailored to specifically meet your needs, desire, and budget. In addition, we deliver the highest quality value.

Throughout each phase of the remodeling process, you will find unmatched innovation, high quality products, and professional service. Our technicians are dedicated to educating you in the latest design trends, providing a full estimate of needs, and apply great workmanship.

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