Monday, November 3, 2014

What Shouldn't Go Down Your Disposal?

Photo Source: Flickr/David Winer
Your kitchen garbage disposal is a great way to get rid of food scraps. However, some foods can clog your pipes and harm your disposal blades.  Avoid putting these foods down your disposal to keep it running smoothly.

Foods to Avoid:
  • Fibrous Foods - Celery, artichokes, asparagus, lettuce, corn husks, carrots, onion skins and potato peels can clog your disposal.  The fibrous foods wrap around the blades and keep your motor from operating well.  Dispose of these foods in the garbage instead.
  • Bones - Keep those turkey bones out of your garbage disposal.  Bones and other hard foods can dull and even break your garbage disposal blades.
  • Grease - Greasey foods will create a film over your garbage disposal blades.  Eventually, this grease will begin to decay and cause your disposal to smell.  Grease can clog your drains, too!
  • Egg Shells - Egg shells can wrap around the shredder ring and can clog your pipes.
  • Starches - Pasta, rice and other foods that swell with water can clog your garbage disposal trap.
For more information on what you should and shouldn't put down your garbage disposal, check out this Angies List article.  You can also contact our professional technicians if you experience any problems with your garbage disposal.  Call 585-216-3058 to contact our office today.

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