Thursday, April 16, 2015

How Will the New Water Heater Standards Benefit You?

New water heater standards have gone into effect this week!  What do these new requirements mean for you?  Here are a few of the ways the new energy efficiency standards will benefit you and your family - just in time for Earth Day!

Water Heater Benefits:

  • Energy Efficiency - The new standards will make the new water heaters better at insulating and keeping water warm.  This means increased energy efficiency and lower utility bills for you and your family.
  • Good for the Environment - The National Appliance Energy Conservation Act changes are good for the environment.  You will be spending less time and energy heating water inefficiently.  This is efficient system means that less heat will be wasted while keeping your plumbing system working efficiently.

For more information on the new water heater standards and how a more energy efficient plumbing system will benefit you, your home, and your family, check out this article.  You can also contact our office with any questions you have about updating your home water heater.  Our technicians are experts in all aspects of water heater repairs and installations.

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