Thursday, October 8, 2015

Checklist to Help Prevent Plumbing Problems This Fall

Now that the leaves are turning and the crisp, fall weather is here, it's time to start prepping your plumbing system for the cooler months.  Not sure where to begin?  This plumbing checklist will help make sure that you've covered the basics.

Fall Plumbing Checklist:
  • Winterize Your Hose Bibs - While the weather may not be dipping below freezing just yet, it's time to start to prep your outdoor hoses so that they are protected when it does.  Disconnect any hoses and close the valve leading to your bib.  make sure that all the water is drained from inside, so that when the temperature drops, the water doesn't freeze, expand, and damage your plumbing.
  • Flush Your Hot Water Heater - Now is the perfect time of year to clean out your hot water heater.  Sediments tend to build up over the course of the year and by flushing your system, you can help your water heater work more efficiently and extend the lifespan of your system.
  • Check Your Sump Pump - Fall can be a rainy season.  Make sure that your sump pump is working correctly so that you can prevent flooding on days with heavy rains.
  • Clean Out Your Gutters - You should also make sure that your gutters are free of leaves and debris.  This ensures that water will flow away from your home and that you won't see any water damage problems.  It also keeps water from remaining stagnant, and eventually freezing.
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