Monday, October 26, 2015

How to Prevent Halloween Plumbing Nightmares

Halloween is just around the corner!  As you prep for tricks and treats -- we want to make sure that you enjoy the weekend without any plumbing nightmares. 

Be careful when you're carving your jack-o-lantern!

If you are carving a jack-o-lantern with your kids this Halloween, remember to dispose of the pumpkin guts in the garbage.  Pumpkin seeds and guts can harden and clog your plumbing pipes.  Even homes with garbage disposals need to be careful.  The sticky pumpkin guts can wrap around your garbage disposal blade and clog your system.

You can prevent jack-o-lantern problems this Halloween by laying out newspaper before carving your pumpkin and scooping the guts into a garbage can.  Alternatively, you can bake the seeds for a tasty pumpkin seed snack.  

Check out a recipe for roasted pumpkin seeds here:

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