Friday, November 13, 2015

How to Turn Off Your Hose Bibb

This weekend is the perfect time to turn off the water running to your outdoor hose and prep your plumbing system for the cold months to come.  By winterizing your outdoor plumbing, you help prevent freezing issues and cracked plumbing pipes.  That's why in addition to removing your garden hose this fall, it's important that homeowners turn off the hose bibb.

What is a hose bibb?
The hose bibb is the spigot on the outside of your house.  It's what you connect your garden hose to to get water to water your plants during the spring and summer months.

Now that it's getting colder outside, it's important to disconnect your garden hoses and turn off your hose bibbs.

How To Turn Off Your Hose Bib:

  1. Locate Your Hose Bibb Shut Off Valve - Your hose bibb will have a shutoff valve inside of your house.  This may be in a basement, crawl space or utility room.  If you're not sure where this shut off valve might be, check near your water meter.
  2. Turn Off The Valve - Your water shut off valve should look like a small wheel.  Turn the wheel clockwise until it won't turn any more.  If you have a ball valve, you'll need to turn the handle so that it faces perpendicular to turn it off.
  3. Detach the Garden Hose - Go outside and remove as much water as you can from your garden hose.  Then, detach it and store it in your basement or shed.
  4. Leave the Hose Bibb Open - Once the hose is away and detatched, turn your hose bibb on and let any excess water run out.  This will help prevent water from freezing and expanding (and eventually cracking your plumbing).

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