Thursday, January 14, 2016

How to Prevent Plumbing Problems This Winter

It's cold outside.  As you put on a few extra layers to keep yourself warm, it's important to make sure that your plumbing is protected too.  Even inside your home, exposed pipes can freeze on cold nights.  Here are a few tips to help protect your home plumbing this winter.

Winter Plumbing Tips:

  • Insulate Your Pipes - Look around your home for any exposed pipes.  They might be in your basement, attic, crawlspaces, or hidden under your kitchen or bathroom cabinets.  Insulating these pipes will help prevent them from freezing on cold winter nights.
  • Keep Your Heat Turned On - Although it might be tempting to turn your heat down when you leave your home for the day or for a winter getaway, you'll still want to keep your home at a reasonable temperature.  If the temperature drops below freezing on a cold day while you're away, a pipe could freeze and burst, leaving you with a flooding mess when you return.
  • Open Kitchen & Bathroom Cabinets - On particularly cold days, it's a good idea to leave your kitchen and bathroom cabinets open.  This allows warm air to circulate through the cabinets and keep your plumbing from freezing.

If you have any problems with your home plumbing system this winter, give our office a call.  We offer emergency plumbing services that will help fix your burst pipe!  

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